Come As You Are

This is a no Judgment Zone!

Hello! I’m Morena, Founder of LifeBeats, a business, career, and talent development agency for the modern, socially-conscious set. 

What I enjoy most about my work is collaborating with clients and helping them transform business and life challenges into opportunities for financial and personal growth. 

The driving ethos at LifeBeats is the belief that building a thriving career/business should not come at the expense of your relationships, health, and personal happiness. This is not only a “win” for the individual but also a “win” for any organization looking to identify, recruit, retain, and grow a productive, and yes, happy workforce. 

My clients and colleagues remark that I have a knack for listening fully, empathetically, with the creative ability to quickly match marketing/sales strategies, resources, connections, and business opportunities with their current needs. A dash of inspiration and pragmatic accountability also doesn’t hurt! 

I love my work – it allows me to see the best in my clients, their latent powers, even before they can see it in themselves. Nothing lights me up more than holding the torch and acting as a guiding partner in their self-discovery and launch of their big-idea — believe me, they are inextricably connected. 

Whether a company or a person, it takes vulnerability/bravery to look at what isn’t working and identify actions/mindsets that are potential contributing factors. I’m humbled every time a client invites me through that door we are socially-conditioned to keep closed. 

I’m obsessed with growth, learning, and transformation. 

And I like to do what I do with heart and flair.